Kelly Duncan Visual Identity




Kelly Duncan is a business strategist who needed to visualise her business from scratch. She was looking for a brand that she could use and develop across several platforms with consistency being key. Kelly herself has a strong personality and wanted that to be part of the branding, whilst also keeping the style professional and corporate. Kelly was at a point where she wanted to grow her business as well as communicate confidence to any existing leads. A strong brand identity would give Kelly a visual foundation which she could use to develop any courses, training and or business collateral for her company to thrive.


Kelly, whose company is named K. Duncan Consulting, required a logo. Together we decided on developing her brand for print and digital by applying the visual design to social media and stationery. Kelly was also provided with an in-depth brand manual which she could use to continue building her website.


We developed a brand experience for K. Duncan Consulting that communicated a strong and unified brand message across all the elements. The use of dark navy blue gives the brand a corporate and professional tone of voice whilst the hint of daring red adds a fierce and driven characteristic. Purple and teal were also included to add a casual element which could be used for casual and conversational elements such as social media. This colour palette proved to be potent and diverse, as different combinations of colours would appeal to different clients at different stages of training.