How do I apply to work with you?
  1. Fill in THIS form
  2. After you have provided the information we need and submit your form you will be redirected to a page where you can set up a complimentary Welcome Call. Please schedule this call at your soonest convenience so we can meet!
  3. After our online call, we'll send you the invoice and agreement form. Once those are completed your project is booked and we can start making magic!
Do you offer payment plans?

We know that a full branding experience is an investment and not just something you do at a whim.

Our default payment arrangement is 30% deposit for project confirmation, 30% payment during the design phase and 40% payment before final project launch.

Feel free to chat to us about a payment plan but please note that no work can start before a 30% deposit and no final elements can be provided before full payment.

Do you offer hosting and domain name registry?

Yes, if you want to buy your domain name and hosting through us we can help you with that. Once you are ready to commit, complete the branding application form and indicate that you need a domain name and/or hosting. We'll discuss your options with you during our online welcome call.

What is a domain name?

Your domain name is the address of your website that you see at the top of a web browser. In order to have your own domain, you need to register an available domain name online. If you want me to do this for you, please indicate that you need a domain name when you complete your branding application.

What is website hosting?

You need to rent a space for your website to stay much like you would rent an apartment to stay in. Web hosting companies have all the technology in place to host a website and that's why we pay a monthly fee to "rent" a space for our website. Various web hosting companies offer various additional perks so compare a few offers before deciding on one. If you want advice, I'm more than willing to discuss options in our Welcome Call after you have submitted your project application.
If you me to do your website hosting, please indicate that you need hosting when you complete the brand application form.

What is the Discovery Phase?

During the Discovery Phase we get to know each other and do all the planning of the project. This phase consists out of a Welcome Call, Worksheets and a Discovery Call. It can take anything from 3-10 weeks depending on how much time you need to complete the homework.

Why do you use WordPress?

We have spent hours, days and years learning the best process for designing websites. WordPress gives the most flexibility by far and because it is an open platform, it is updated as the online world changes. We never want to give you a website that can't be adapted to the latest trends - and according to our research, WordPress is the very best platform for that.

There are many arguments for and against all website platforms but since WordPress powers more than 26% of the internet and is the most the most used CMS (Content Management System), we are confident that WordPress is and will always be a great choice.

Would you consider another website platform apart from WordPress?

The short answer is no 🙂

Do you provide eCommerce websites?

Yes, I can definitely help you with an eCommerce store but as eCommerce is a bit more complicated I prefer to quote on this separately. Please fill in this FORM and let me know if you need additional eCommerce capabilities. We will discuss your needs in the Welcome Call and take it from there.

Do you provide email service?

No, we don't offer any email services. We personally, use and recommend G Suite but your web hosting company should also be able to help. If you do your hosting through us, you will have to use G Suite or Gmail as an email solution.

Is my website responsive? So will it work on mobile phones and tablets?

Yes, all our websites are designed to be mobile and tablet friendly 🙂

Would you consider a rebranding project?

Yes, we definitely do! Fill in the Branding Application and just make a note that you are doing a rebrand. 

I already have branding but I need a website, can you do my website?

This depends. Working with a client from Discovery to Website helps us to really understand the client's goals. Doing a website would mean that we still include a Discover workshop and we would need to review the branding materials that you already have. If you feel strongly about your existing elements - complete the branding application form and please include a link to all your existing branding materials so we can advise you on what the best path forward will be.

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